Luang Prabang’s First Yoga Studio – Mekong Yoga


Mekong Yoga is located right in the center of Luang Prabang at the temple Wat Aphai (exact directions). From the shala, you can see the temple grounds, the greenery and the view up to Phousi Hill. The yoga space itself was once part of the temple and with its hardwood floors, historical connection, and air of spirituality, it is an ideal place for your practice.

We offer a wide variety of yoga classes and the common goal is for you to feel relaxed yet challenged, calm and focused as well as evolving your relationship with yoga. It is very important to us that you feel empowered in whatever style of yoga that you choose to practice and feel proud of your ongoing endeavor of personal development and understanding.

Class Descriptions

Flow class

This is based on the primary and intermediate series of Ashtanga yoga. Each class will be unique; however, it will follow the basic sequence of standing poses, seated postures, arm balances, back bending, inversions and a short closing meditative sequence. The poses are linked together through a vinyasa (flow) to keep the blood moving and your heart rate higher. It is a physical workout that stimulates the body and calms the mind by concentrating on the breath. Beginners are also most welcome and more challenging postures will be modified to meet your individual needs.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower practice that uses gravity to deepen your poses. Each class will have a gentle warm up and then target specific areas of your body (hips, hamstrings, upper back, shoulders, etc). This is a nice complementary practice to a flow class as it allows you to spend several minutes in a pose and fully open the muscles.

Introduction to Ashtanga yoga

This class will start to look at the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. Students will develop an understanding of the postures, how they are linked and the importance of breath, gaze, and core strength.


80,000 kip per single class OR:
One week unlimited for 340,000 kip
10 classes for 640,000kip (discount of 20% and a value of 64,000kip per class)
12 classes for 720,000 kip (discount of 25% of 60,000kip per class)
Unlimited classes for a month.750,000 kip (I offer classes daily) and if you practice everyday or 6 times a week that is a value of only 27,000 or 31,000 per class)
Expat residents: 60,000 kip per class or 750,000 kip unlimited classes per month
Laos citizens: 30,000 kip per class

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