Tiger Trail established as a tour operator in 2000 by founder Marcus Neuer. He have been working on making the company one of Laos largest adventure providers. The business has expanded from tours to hosting international interns and investing in sustainable development by funding it’s own building project. The staff at Tiger Trail continues to make the company grow to provide even more adventurous adventures for visitors to Laos.


The Lao People’s Democratic Republic or Laos, whose capital is Vientiane, is the only country in Southeast Asia that is landlocked. The country covers about 236,000 square kilometers with a population of less than 7 million. Its national language is Lao, which is similar to Thai. Travelling to Laos is with synonymous to serene rivers, stunning countryside, ancient temples with saffron-cloaked monks, and Beerlao brew.

If you are planning a 5-day trip to Laos, what should you consider when visiting the country? Here are a few suggestions:
Read More is a website dedicated to the breathtaking former capital of Laos. It covers what to do, food and other information vital to plan your visit. It also has a blog where businesses and activities are reviewed. is a great resource!


The Laos blog directory is a website that collects blogs on all things Lao. The site categorize the blogs, ranging from food, humor and travels etc. It also makes short reviews of the blogs.
The Laos blog directory doesn’t have a blog of its on but is start point to browse the web. If you have a blog that revolves around Laos, there is a contact form to have your blog displayed there.


White Elephant Adventures is one of the oldest and most experienced eco-tourism companies in Luang Prabang and yet we maintain a small, family-owned and less commercial feel to our company. We are a strong team of Canadian, American, and Lao management with a fantastic group of English-speaking local Lao guides eager to take you deep into the jungle, down exciting rivers, and to the best hill-tribe homestays around.


Fun and simmering, Red Bul Bar in the heart of Luang Prabang bar area has the potential to be the only bar you are going to want to visit throughout your entire stay in the city. Even if you wind up staying for months. It has all you could ever ask of a bar, excellent drinks, fun people and and great vibe. Read More

Tiger trail269

Tiger Trail is a constantly growing team of Laos Travel specialists, based in Luang Prabang. Our goal is to provide quality travel experiences benefiting our visitors as well as the local community in Laos. Our medium size, family run company offers inbound tour operator services with a focus on in-depth travel experiences in Laos and Indochina. We make a difference through engaging foreign professionals developing our local resources. Our internationally recognized projects and community involvement makes us “outstanding”. Read More

On the main street of Luang Prabang, you will find Opera house, a wine bar with a perfect view of the busy street. Sit inside to enjoy the warmth of the friendly staff and coolness of the delicious wine, or lounge on the sidewalk to get a prime seat to all the action passing by. Comfy chairs, wide selection of beverages and a great central location will make you come back over and over again to this wonderful bar in Luang Prabang. Read More


Mekong Yoga is located right in the center of Luang Prabang at the temple Wat Aphai (exact directions). From the shala, you can see the temple grounds, the greenery and the view up to Phousi Hill. The yoga space itself was once part of the temple and with its hardwood floors, historical connection, and air of spirituality, it is an ideal place for your practice.

We offer a wide variety of yoga classes and the common goal is for you to feel relaxed yet challenged, calm and focused as well as evolving your relationship with yoga. It is very important to us that you feel empowered in whatever style of yoga that you choose to practice and feel proud of your ongoing endeavor of personal development and understanding. Read More


Lost Earth Adventures

Small Groups. Big Adventure. Thrilling Activities. Original itineraries. Authentic Experiences.

Lost Earth Adventures is an independent adventure travel company specialising in small group adventure tours to Thailand, Laos and Nepal. Our itineraries are original and allow us to really dig beneath the surface of the countries we visit. We provide a unique blend of cultural immersion and adventurous activities such as climbing, mountain biking, rafting and trekking. Lost Earth Adventures was founded on an unrivalled passion for travel to destinations beyond the conventional tourist trail and a desire to share these experiences with others. Read More